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A Shia Muslim cleric, raised in Australia and educated in Iran, Tawhidi Dave Rubin, YouTube talk-show host and “intellectual dark web” star;.

Who is he? The year-old Cook only posted his first YouTube video on his Ninebrassmonkeys channel in December last year, but his multi-part documentary series, Becoming YouTube , has already become a sensation. Featuring interviews with many of the individuals in this list — Charlie McDonnell, Alex Day and so on — it entertainingly captures the spirit of the movement.

Pitch The official chronicler of Britain’s YouTube generation. The fact it has been watched almost , times could hint at an ambitious new era for the platform. He says: “You make YouTube videos, you put them out there and suddenly you realise , people have watched something you’ve made. If you think about that too much, you’d go crazy.

But a lot of people are stopping and saying, ‘Holy shit! People do watch this stuff. Who is she? A year-old maths student from London whose dream is to become a pilot or an aeronautical engineer. For now, Eniang is one of the most popular beauty and style vloggers. Her tutorials, which started in , might include tips on how to apply false eyelashes, four different ways of wearing skinny jeans or advice on styling “cute milkmaid braids for spring”.

Her philosophy is: “Allow your true beauty to shine from within.

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Everything you need to know as we travel back through worlds to season two. By Daniel Furn. The BBC may have let slip that the series is returning in November Filming for season two had mostly finished before the first season even premiered, which now looks remarkably prescient given the coronavirus pandemic. Lee Scoresby actor Lin Manuel-Miranda tweeted that he had completed work on the follow-up season as early as 27th September , and the rest of the cast were done by mid-December.

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Subscriber Account active since. American viewers have also been introduced to foreign reality series, like the popular British dating competition, ” Love Island ,” which is available on Hulu. Thanks to streaming services, these shows are only the tip of the iceberg. Insider has many movie and TV show lists to keep you occupied. You can read them all here. Where to watch: Netflix.

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Dark Horizons. Garth Franklin – Thursday, August 27th pm. All Movies TV Games. Garth Franklin – Thursday, August 27th am 0. Garth Franklin – Wednesday, August 26th am 0.

While we were initially given a Dying Light 2 release date of Spring , According to lead designer Tymon Smektala on YouTube Gaming’s Dark Areas are effectively nests of undead where they all hibernate to escape.

Move over Jimmy Giggle, there’s a new hottie in town. If you haven’t heard those letters being spelled out in a relentlessly cheerful voice coming from an iPad, are you even the parent of a toddler? Blippi, the YouTube sensation who talks toddlers through all manner of vehicles in his hyperactive yet captivating way, has taken the internet by storm. Blippi has amassed close to 3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, with 2.

I’m fairly confident 2 billion of them are from my kid, but it’s still a massive achievement in a crowded market. Up until very recently, I put Blippi in the same category as an errant house fly – a low-grade annoyance that becomes more grating as the hours pass, his shrill voice bleating at my child while he sits, transfixed. I’ll admit, he has helped me get dinner cooked uninterrupted more times than I would like to admit, but his buoyant enthusiasm is best experienced with the volume way down.

All this changed, however, when a girlfriend who also has a Blippi-obsessed toddler sent me this picture:. You see, Blippi – known in his real life as Stevin John – is actually kind of a babe without his orange suspenders and blue shirt. The year-old Las Vegas resident is ex-military – he used to be in the US Airforce – and has since turned a cute hobby he used to make videos for his nephew in a costume made by his mum into a fully-fledged viral sensation.

Now with fans all over the world, he is definitely riding the Blippi success train all the way to the bank, with everything from Blippi outfits and shoes to dolls and books available to purchase. I write this not to objectify the man – what he is doing is wholesome and pure and he is second only to Santa in my son’s esteem.

But just like the dads of the world harbour a secret crush on Emma Wiggle, we mums and dads who are into dudes need someone to lust after during those long rainy afternoons where YouTube is the only option.

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You can monitor the performance of your channel and videos with up-to-date metrics and reports in YouTube Analytics. The Overview tab shows you key metrics for your channel. The main graph shows watch time, views, and subscribers. The data may not represent the overall composition of your traffic.

Sure, Erin and Eden weren’t nude or anything, but they couldn’t help but hear the sounds of their pashing in the dark! YouTube.

Love Island star Vanessa Sierra paraded around in a number of skimpy bikinis while appearing on the reality dating show. And on Sunday, the year-old set pulses racing yet again when she touched down at Adelaide Airport. Vanessa was joined by YouTube prankster Luke Erwin, who happily chatted alongside the beauty during their walk to the car.

Who knew they were friends? Both pictured. Wearing a tight thigh-skimming leather skirt, Vanessa showcased her trim pins while sauntering through the arrivals terminal. She paired the flirty skirt with a long-sleeve Ochre-hued top, which clung to her chest giving a glimpse of her famous cleavage. Finishing her outfit, the former reality TV star opted for sensible lace-up sneakers as well as a pair of dark, gold rimmed sunglasses.

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Currently, Niall uploads various types of commentary videos, especially those featuring trend-related content, on his channel. He occasionally refers to his viewer base as the “Bruh Army,” a satirical jab at PewDiePie ‘s fanbase, who were formerly known as the Bro Army. Niall created his YouTube channel in , but he did not upload any videos until , mostly MLG montage parodies , which he later claimed to be embarrassed about. This was a commentary video, although the actual montage parody was not the bulk of the video and it was short compared to his previous montage parodies.

As of , Niall’s content is a mix of trending topics, gaming videos, and commentary.

crewish – unemployed blacksmiths. All the profits from this album will go directly to our technicians, the band nor the record label will not touch a cent. Release date.

Supernatural horror-drama The Order instantly amassed a legion of loyal fans when it landed on Netflix in March The show, created by Dennis Heaton and Shelley Eriksen, revolves around a secret society called the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, which is squirrelled away on a university campus. One of the students, Jack Morton, is on a mission to avenge his mother’s death and joins said society, which opens up “a world of magic, monsters and intrigue”. He also unearths some pretty dark secrets about his own family along the way as he attempts to navigate the “underground battle between werewolves and the magical dark arts”.

And it’s good news, Order fans. Netflix has officially confirmed that the show will be returning for a second season. Given how the season finale panned out, with both Jack’s mind and those of the werewolves being completely wiped, we can all agree more is definitely needed. The streaming site shared a short video on YouTube to celebrate the news in which the characters can be seen pouring a highly volatile potion onto the pages of an old book.

It then bursts into flames. When the renewal was announced, one detail we weren’t given was an official release date. But we were told that production would kick off in summer in Vancouver, and the second chapter would hit screens at some point during Chatting about the season one finale, Grey said via Showbiz Junkies : “I know a lot of people were upset about this and I was too. It was hard but I understand.

(AUS) Dating in the dark Season 1 Ep. 7