Battle Rating for Arcade Matchmaking Explained (1.39)

So, as a suggestion, how about the MM takes into account where your kills come from, and how long you’ve flown a particular tier for, and grouping you with other players who have much more comparable abilities. It provides a much better base for players to improve, as they have more time in battle, and can progress into games with better players as their stats with a particular plane type improve. Well, we need more players in the que before we start adding exceptions and balancing such as this. IIRC the devs stated that if you are a good player the MM will try to pair you with less skilled players to make a more balanced fight. Flying in squads will apparently put you in a higher BR group as well. Stick mostly to that plane you know how to use. Try Bf for example. Learn to BnZ.

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Battle Rating BR is used to balance out planes based on how well they fight, or how dangerous they are. In realistic battles , you have only one plane and it’s BR is used to match you with approximately equal enemies. Usually you should not be put up against planes that are more than 1BR higher or lower than you. In arcade mode it’s a bit more complex. Matchmaking works by using the BR of your top 3 planes in the line-up preset you are using, to calculate a value.

After went live I am so confused about matchmaking. You see I am trying to understand how this is supposed to work and make my team of.

By angymike , July 6, in General Discussion. I have been wondering why I see tanks way over my tanks tier in the same battle, and someone said it has to do with Battle Rating? How does that work, if your a Tier 1 tank with Battle Rated at 1. Its not working right, and they may have come up with that BR formula for planes, but it is utter rubbish with tanks.

You wind up going up against armor you have no hope of penetrating with your gun, maybe at point blank from behind running around the target in circles in the middle of a battle field.. In patch 1. From now on, the original principle of operation of Arcade balance will be changed. Arcade BR for Matchmaking.

A Beginner’s Guide to War Thunder – Which Country Should I Play?

Anyone else notice this? I noticed it last night flying my Japanese. It appears as if your top three planes BR are now averaged and that number is used for matchmaking. Not sure what would happen if you went to battle with a lineup of reserve planes and then one higher tier plane. Looks like I’ll have to test that.

Matchmaking. War Thunder takes into account your planes’ Battle Rating (BR) when deciding battles. In realistic battles, you have only one plane and it’s BR is​.

Previously, the balance was calculated based on the combat rating of only the most efficient aircraft. However, in Arcade mode the player has the opportunity to participate in the battle with more than one aircraft, and we decided that the calculation should take into account the rating of other aircraft in the lineup. From now on, the original principle of operation of Arcade balance will be changed.

The calculation now includes three aircraft with the highest combat rating from the lineup. For example, suppose that a player in the match has the premium Spitfire Mk. It is important to remember that the resulting calculation of the BR result is rounded to the nearest number of series X. Restricting the difference in the BR rating of the top three aircraft in a line up is introduced for obvious reasons – without limitation, the player with the line up MiGbis, I and a Ibis would produce a BR rating 8.

Instead in that case where the difference between “top rated aircraft” A and two following aircraft B and C is more than 0. This system allows you to more accurately calculate the balance in the game in arcade mode fights. Player BR can be lowered if player has low efficiency. When this happens players BR can be lowered and not more than 0. Discrepancies that can be seen in BR tooltip are caused by that fact and players with BR lower than it should be are in bad streak and MM is helping them to recuperate.

War Thunder

I am a newcomer to this game and forum and I need to set some things straight in my head, so here is the question. After 1. You see I am trying to understand how this is supposed to work and make my team of the very best BR planes I can get in.

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Battle rating BR is a value used to determine matchmaking in War Thunder. Battle rating is a number assigned to every aircraft, ground unit, and naval vessel in the game that correlates with their effectiveness in combat. Roughly speaking, as a vehicle’s capabilities and performance increase, so does its battle rating. Battle rating can also differ depending on the game mode. For example, if a vehicle may perform considerably better compared to its opponents in Arcade Battles than in Realistic Battles, it may have a higher battle rating in the former.

Battle rating does not correspond with real-life introduction dates, but rather, the vehicle’s in-game performance.


Isn’t match making, and its subsequent tweaks, very heavily influenced based on actual player performance in planes? So if a plane is signficantly overpowered at a certain BR, they’ll increase the BR for better matchmaking, and vice versa? Because that would mean that while you’re having a problem with match making, the average player probably isn’t. So i have to face planes from tier 4, which has better performance, and usually firepower.

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Nainstalovat Steam. War Thunder Obchod. Hi, can anybody explain to me why my friends and me Tier 1 planes are matched with enemies of Tier 3? It’s just unfair, is there any reason why? Naposledy upravil Ingmarsan ; Thank you for the links, they are helping alot. Still it was really weird, because in statistics it said I have 1. Maybe it was a bug? Aparently the system is bugged.

In the previous link some players have toyed whit the numbers and the results dont match expected BRs. Very Gaiyen like. Introducing a system no one likes and that is not even working correctly. All based on battle ratings

War Thunder Receives Cross-Platform Matchmaking

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Regarding the skill-adjustment for matchmaking, I don’t think it Since money runs out fast in , they are forced to come down for a harvest.

The matchmaker balancer is a server tool that is responsible for creating game sessions in all multiplayer game modes. The opponents you will meet in battle comes from the matchmaker. Based on these differences the matchmaker works according to different rules guided in most cases only by the Battle Rating of the participating vehicles. Depending on the rules of the game mode chosen, the matchmaker collects players from the queue to the game session based on the BR of the particular vehicle or the whole vehicle line up which has been selected for the crew slots.

This means that the player will not meet a vehicle which exceeds the BR of his key vehicle the one on which the matchmaker bases its search for a game session in battle by more than 1 point of the BR. These are all the rules that the matchmaker uses in random battles. There are no exceptions such as matching by player performance statistics at all. Matchmaking takes 3 vehicles with the highest BR from a players setup vehicles from the crew slots and displays the average value.

This method of matchmaking will be used in aircraft AB. A final value will be rounded up to the nearest tenth from the list of values 0. Such a method of selection is optimal for ground vehicles and naval vessels where the differences in the technical characteristics and the battle capabilities play a bigger role than in only aircraft battles.

Matchmaking 1.39

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Thought same thing. the AB BR uses highest vehicle on the bar now? As of 4th February they reverted it back to ‘s system (Source.

There are no terrible choices when it comes to picking a country to play in War Thunder , each one has strengths and weaknesses. The Soviet tech tree is extensive, with a couple of decent lines of fighters and good jet options in the end game with the MiG fighter and Il bomber. Britain is another good option for starting players, with some excellent fighters once you get past the biplanes. The Hurricanes are an early workhorse, Spitfires are highly manoeuvrable and well suited to turning dogfights except against the Japanese and the Typhoons and Tempests have good speed and firepower.

Their jets struggled a little at the top end when only the Meteor was available, but the Venom and Hunter are more powerful post-war options. For bombing the Blenheim and Beaufort are fine in Rank I, but things tail off a bit with the Wellingtons in Ranks II and III, which are rather vulnerable to the cannon-packing fighters they almost invariably come up against, then pick up again with the two Lancasters that, thanks to Update 1. The USA takes a little while to get going.

In Arcade mode particularly the favoured US armament of. The USA have some strong later fighters, and a good selection of jets including several F Sabre variants at the top of the tree. Things pick up markedly in Rank II with the introduction of the Bf and Fw series, and they also have the widest range of rocket and jet fighters. Germany also has a good range of heavy fighters from the Bf to the Me s, and plenty of early bombing options with numerous variants of the Ju 87 Stuka for dive bombing, and the He , Ju 88 and Italian S.

Japan has the most agile fighters in the game with the nimble Ki and the A6M Zero line, though they are a bit fragile. The later Ki and N1K are good all-rounders, and there are also heavier options with the big-cannon packing Ki and heavy fighters, handy for taking down enemy bombers. Going up the tree the later bomber line is a little lacking in terms of payload, but turrets with 20mm cannon at least give them a bit of a defensive option.

A Beginner’s Guide to War Thunder – Which Country Should I Play?

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